• Beautiful Tahitian Vanilla!

    Some might say the creme de la creme of Vanilla.

    Used by Bettina Kraus of the Ledbury and Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester.

    14+ cm long with a much higher moisture content than other Vanilla, around 50%-55%
    You can visibly see the plumpness and juicyness with an incredible seed content. Ample amounts of Vanilla Caviar in there for you to make many recipes.

    Being Tahitensis, the floral and cherry aromas are strong, yet there is a delicate hint of caramel that provides a beautiful sweetness to your flavour. It is no wonder these pods are what every pastry chef wants to cook with! They really are sublime.

    As always these pods will come vac packed and sealed for maximum freshness. We recommend you store in an air tight container in a cool dark place once you have opened.

    Obviously they are big pods so only doing a max of 5 on these, but if you need more, just drop us a line and we can get it sorted.

    Grade A Tahitian Vanilla Beans