• Extract Beans are referred to as Grade B Vanilla. They contain less moisture than gourmet beans and therefore are perfect for infusing.

    These beans are Indonesian Tahitensis and will give your extract a floral aroma with cherry, liquorice and caramel flavor tones.

    Making your Home Made Extract.

    You can make extract with Vodka, Rum or Bourbon. You'll get a sweeter more smokey taste with rum and bourbon but Vodka is a neutral spirit and really lets the flavour of your Vanilla shine through. You don't even need an expensive brand of vodka, everything works :)

    What you need:

    7 Vanilla Pods
    1 Glass Jar/Bottle with an airtight seal.
    1 Bottle of Vodka.

    Slice the Vanilla Pods down the middle but don't go all the way through. We just want to open them up so all the flavours can escape.
    Insert the sliced pods into your bottle/jar.
    Pour Vodka over the pods. It is about 250ml for 7 pods. So you might like to use 14 pods and 500ml etc..
    Make sure the pods are fully submerged.
    Seal and label and store in a cool, dark place for 1-2 months. The longer you leave it the bigger flavour infusion.
    Remember to shake it once or twice a week.
    Voila! Your beautiful extract for cooking or decanting as a gift.

    We really love this process and we're sure you will too!

    Extract Grade Indonesian Vanilla Beans